The 4-Step Game Plan Our Tech Manager Clients Use to Command 200k+ Salaries...
(while upping their free time by at least 10 hours/week!)
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"Working with Jen has helped me leave 'a job' and find a career that is perfect for me. 
I've never been this satisfied and challenged professionally in my working life."  -Aurora, Sr. Web Developer
In just 60 minutes, here's what I'll share with you:
  • My proven, step-by-step game plan to leveling up your paychecks as a tech manager — whether you’re a VP of engineering, tech lead, IT director, or something else
  • How to avoid spending 50+ hours/week working — but still accomplish those big, meaningful wins (AKA the reasons you love your work)
  • The key to earning at LEAST $200,000/year as a tech manager — and how to automate, delegate, and optimize your team and processes
  •  The non-cringeworthy way to position yourself for promotions and raises — because you deserve them, but ASKING can feel weird or hard
  •  The secret to feel-good self-promotion at work — so you get recognized for your successes, and set yourself up for excellent performance reviews
Most importantly, we’ll go over how to lead from a place of 100% integrity. I want you to feel GOOD about earning the hefty paychecks that reflect your real contributions.
Presented by Jen Bunk:
Organizational Psychology Expert & Experienced Tech Team Leader
Helping tech geeks makes me smile. Just as much as traveling to Cortona, Italy.
Hi, I’m Jen Bunk. I’m a career coach for tech managers and Founder/CEO of The People Stack®. I work with tech leaders who want to build thriving, high-performing teams. A huge part of my work is helping my clients get paid what they deserve.

In my 16 years leading teams of geeks, I’ve worked with hundreds of tech leaders to identify, address, and solve problems ranging from productivity bottlenecks and inefficient project management problems, to crucial mindset and perspective shifts.

I’ve got a Ph.D in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, so you know I’m a huge nerd about this stuff. :) Honestly, I just love helping teams run more smoothly.

I’d love to see you on my next webinar. I bet it’ll help you resolve some of the frustrating questions you’ve been wrestling with.
If you work hard leading a tech team, you need to watch this:
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