The 4-Step Game Plan Our Tech Manager Clients Use to Command 200k+ Salaries...
(while upping their free time by at least 10 hours/week!)
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Here's what I'll share with you:
  • Our proven, step-by-step game plan to leveling up your paychecks as a tech manager — whether you’re a VP of engineering, tech lead, IT director, or something else
  • How to avoid spending 50+ hours/week working — but still accomplish those big, meaningful wins (AKA the reasons you love your work)
  • The key to earning at LEAST $200,000/year as a tech manager — and how to automate, delegate, and optimize your team and processes
  •  The non-cringeworthy way to position yourself for promotions and raises — because you deserve them, but ASKING can feel weird or hard
  •  The secret to feel-good self-promotion at work — so you get recognized for your successes, and set yourself up for excellent performance reviews
Most importantly, we’ll go over how to lead from a place of 100% integrity. I want you to feel GOOD about earning the hefty paychecks that reflect your real contributions.
Presented by Jen Bunk:
CEO of The People Stack & Experienced Tech Team Leader
I’m Jen Bunk. I’m a career coach for tech managers and CEO of The People Stack. 
I've been leading teams of geeks for 16 years and have a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  
I've worked with hundreds of tech leaders to help them claim their dream careers.
If you work hard leading a tech team, you need to watch this:
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